Vehicle telematics is the integrated use of mobile communication, vehicle monitoring systems, location system, utility services and entertainment systems to enable safety passenger safety, provide information to passenger and enable remote vehicle diagnostics. The fastest growth has been witnessed in the fleet management and passenger vehicle segments with the demand for telematics primarily being driven by factors such as an increase in the number of accidents, rising vehicle thefts, security issues while travelling and the demand for navigation services. The integration of machine-to-machine (M2M) telematics applications can convert a normal vehicle into an intelligent vehicle.

Zero-Sum through its parent Zero-Sum, Japan has been developing various telematics applications for several large Japanese OEMs for over 10 years. Zero-Sum has created several telematics applications in the areas of 4-wheeler navigation, 2-wheeler navigation, traffic information systems, screen mirroring interfaces, Local guide applications, smart glass applications, entertainment applications, insurance applications and vehicle tracking that connect with the vehicle using OBD II or TCU modes of connection.

Our list of telematics services have been designed specifically keeping in mind the below mentioned areas of applications. Although there are many more areas of application for telematics, our expertise lies in these selected areas.

  • Vehicle Error Message Alerts: Receive vehicle error information and send notification to user on in-car head unit or users mobile phone with details on the error. The information can also be passed onto vehicle manufacturer to enable to provide roadside assistance or option to replace faulty components.
  • Emergency Call function: Automatically trigger alerts and pass on to SOS contacts, emergency service providers, insurance provider and vehicle manufacturer in the event of an accident to enable emergency service providers to contact the user.
  • Vehicle Tracking: Enabling tracking of the vehicle remotely over the web or mobile phone and triggering auto track function in the event of detecting vehicle break-in or theft.
  • Vehicle Components replacement / Service details: Tracking the life-cycle of each replaceable component and sending alerts to users and vehicle manufacturers when component replacement is due. Allows users to book appointment with dealer/service center for parts replacement.
  • Geo-Fencing Allows users to create virtual Geo fence on a map. Alerts are sent to user’s mobile phone if the vehicle moves out of a created Geo-fence.
  • Location based ads send offers/deals or promotion messages to a user based on the user’s location.
  • Driving suggestions Analyse user’s driving behavior and suggest improvements by providing driving score, mileage improvement suggestions, Driving analysis pattern based on speed, braking, idling, acceleration ratio and more. This information can also be shared with insurance provided if required.
  • Navigation On-board and off-board navigation services with traffic information and other POI information like break-down service providers, emergency services, dealer services and more
  • Entertainment Services Integrating  of third party entertainment service providers including digital music / video services, news, weather, sports, internet radio and more.

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