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Mobile Testing

The global boom of app stores and Mobile operating systems has led to a tremendous rush of Mobile applications being deployed through numerous channels. Frequent Mobile Application version releases as well as an increasing complexity of deployment across various channels and OSs coupled with various handset dependencies has led to the demand for Mobile Application based testing services. The testing phase of these apps now comprises of nearly 25% of their total software development lifecycle and has emerged as a strategic function for Mobile Application development.

The increasing diversity of porting applications across handsets, operating systems and carriers has made creating mobile apps incredibly complex and difficult to manage. However testing the application and making sure they are ready to deploy across numerous channels, devices and OS versions has become imperative before apps can start realizing revenues. Being an active player in the mobile content business itself, Zero-Sum understands individual testing needs of each organization whether they are Mobile carriers, Enterprise Solution providers, Application stores, Content providers, Handset manufacturers, Publishers or any organization with a mobile presence.


Zero-Sum has been working with various clients across the world, assisting them with the mobile testing needs.

Types of Testing

Device Testing

Device testing by Zero-Sum is undertaken on the actual physical device and emulators are usually avoided. This testing will ensure that your product works as promised on a wide variety of devices across OS from various device OEM’s.

This ensures that your product appears as intended across all devices and is best optimized across screen resolutions and screen sizes.

Field Testing

With the variety of applications using location based services as an integral offering to their customers, Zero-Sum has now also introduced for the first time, Field Testing where the product is loaded onto devices and tested across various location, devices and browsers within a city to effectively capture its location sensitivity and mark its relevance to the end-users.
Zero-Sum also performs field testing for Device OEMs enabling OEMs to perform detailed field testing of their devices across the country including network compatibility across all mobile networks.

Telematics Solutions Testing

Telematics is emerging as a very important tool for automotive OEM’s and solutions providers as a medium to interact with their users and provide them with several utility tools such as in-vehicle diagnostics, location tracking, SOS functions, Geo-Fencing and several in-car entertainment functions.

With its vast experience in the development of telematics solutions for automotive OEM’s, Zero-Sum is uniquely positioned to understand the testing needs of telematics solution providers and provide them with customized testing solutions that cater to their individual needs. Zero-Sum can perform product/device testing, field testing, network testing, application testing, usability testing, communication testing for vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure V2V / V2I communication that will help determine that you solution is meeting the set quality requirements and is working as intended.

Testing Functions

Anything related to Mobile is our business. Zero-Sum has been an active player in the mobile content business even before the first app was ever created. We have witnessed the market transitions in the Mobile content business and our years of experience in this business help us understand the individual needs of each organization whether they are Mobile carriers, Enterprise Solution providers, Application stores, Content providers, Handset manufacturers, Publishers or any organization with a mobile presence. Our services cover:

Functional Testing

Zero-Sum covers all aspects of functional testing for your products including Web, mobile or desktop applications. We ensure the functionality of your apps by testing on the actual physical mobile devices. Our functionality testing covers

  1. Test Case Design and writing where our testers will collaborate with your team to formulate precise and relevant test cases that will encompass your products functions in entirety
  2. Test Case execution: Our testers will execute the formulated test cases across to check if the products works as promised so as to meet your customers expectations
  3. Ad-hoc testing: Our testers will also test your product without test cases so as to find anomalies that may not be covered by the formulated test cases including mistakes in language spelling, grammar and form submissions

Compatibility Testing

The compatibility testing by Zero-Sum will ensure that your product will work exactly as you expect across various mobile browsers and OS.
Compatibility testing will also check the performance of your product/service across various carriers with our team testing your product/service across each carrier.

Usability Testing

We believe that the user experience is the key to the success of any product. This testing ensures that your products usability appeals to your users across age groups, gender and localization. We will check if your products meets the expectations from your customers and suggest any improvements if needed.

If required Zero-Sum will also compare your product/service with those of your competitors and provide you with a comparison outlining your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses there by helping improve the user experience offered by your products/services to your end-users.

UI Testing

In a mobile application, Zero-Sum focus on the first area for which test plan needs to be executed is the user interface. We believe that the user experience is the key to the success of any product. It is very important to have a good look and feel of the application that would attract consumers to use the application. We check if any product meets the expectations from customers and suggest any improvements if needed as per current market..

Interrupt Testing

Interrupt testing by Zero-Sum is undertaken to replicate abruptly interrupt to the application. This can be achieved in various ways and techniques depending on the application under test. This testing ensures that your product is able to handle all kinds of interruptions gracefully without causing a disruption.

Performance Testing

Testing the performance of the application on various factors like UI responsiveness transaction completion time(s), longevity etc are undertaken by Zero-sum. It is generally measured in terms of response time for the user activity and ensures that your product is working well under your expected workload.

Security Testing

Zero-Sum understands the importance of security and as part of its overall test offerings, undertakes security testing of your products which probe for common security attacks. Zero-Sum also checks for the DRM measure implemented into your products and would suggest any improvements if needed.

Load Testing

Nothing losing appeal more than an application that crashes under pressure. Zero-Sum’s load testing service includes both live testing by a group of testers testing your product simultaneously and Automated Regression testing which does not require live testers but is done using simulated testing tools and sessions that will check your products performance under peak loads.


Post test completion, Zero-Sum will report all the test results as per your reporting choice including online reporting, email reporting, reporting through MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, Google Docs or through online reporting tools such as Bugzilla in reporting formats that can be customized as per your varied reporting needs.


Zero-Sum offers enterprises flexible testing plans based on the test requirement

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Daily Testing Plan

Suitable for one-time /short testing needs

Recommended for developers / enterprises with short or one-time testing needs.

1 Man Day (8 hours) @

Rs. 10,000 (US$ 200)

Device Usage Charges

Choose from over 400 mobile devices & tablets

Includes devices from all leading OEMs (Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, htc, LG, & Apple)

1 Device Day (8 hours) @

Rs.1000 (US$ 20)

Monthly Testing Plan

Suitable for longer duration testing

Recommended for developers / enterprises with longer duration or ongoing testing needs

18 Man Days @

Rs. 1,50,000 (US$ 3000)