Zero-Sum in collaboration with MTI Ltd. of Japan launched for the first time in the Indian market, an all-encompassing free women’s health and fertility tracker application. It is designed with a simple and easy to use interface that empowers women to track their periods, calculate average lengths of them, predict the next period date with precision and project their fertility based on the time of month. This application also helps women track their body weight, diet and achieve fitness goals.

LUNACYCLE helps women Smartphone users, have a better understanding of their body and have more control over their health and lives.The application will support iOS devices running on iOS 6 and above.


App Overview

LUNACYCLE is an all in one, free women’s health tracker app, designed with a simple and easy to use interface. It is the easiest way to track your periods. LUNACYCLE calculates the average length of your last three cycles and also predicts your next period date with utmost precision.

LUNACYCLE charts your monthly cycle and projects the days of your fertility based on details you punch in about your period and basal body temperature.It is packed with lots of useful health, weight and beauty tips, some of the features include:

  • Predicts next Period/Ovulation Date
  • Automatically calculates the period Cycle.
  • Calendar (It helps you record your period start/end, Intercourse details, Pill, BBT, Weight, Body Fat, Symptom, and Note)
  • Updates you about your Skin, Effective Diet, Beauty and Physical condition.
  • Charts your monthly cycle and graphs your fertile days.
  • Records weight, body fat and graphs your Slimming term.
  • Setup Alerts/Notifications
  • Password Protected
  • Data Backup/Restore to your SD card
  • Unit Measures in Kg/Lbs, Celsius/Fahrenheit