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Digital OOH

Digital Out-of-home media is fast emerging as the choice of outdoor advertising medium by leading advertisers across India. This medium reaches out to consumers of all segments at regular intervals creating higher brand recall and higher brand communication impact. Unlike other traditional media where a viewer’s state of mind is diluted with other messages or already pre-occupied due to a different state of mind, digital OOH catches the users attention when their mind is not pre-occupied with other messages, creating an effective substitute for traditional ad media.

Uniqueness of our offering:

  • Our Digital OOH medium is made through large outdoor state of the art LED screens measuring 7×3 meters. The uniqueness of this media is that the ads are shown along with traffic information on LED’s erected on the middle of the road creating very high viewing impact from a distance of 400 meters with 100% visibility to all motorists and road users.
  • Provides clear visibility during daytime and nighttime with auto-brightness function on all LED’s
  • Power back-up provided onsite to ensure uninterrupted viewing
  • All LED’s are located prior to key junctions, thereby all road traffic slows down just prior to the viewing of the LED screen’s ensuring very high visibility
  • Uses multiple ad formats
  • Centrally monitored and deployed, providing advertisers the ability to create and deploy advertisements on the fly. Ad campaigns can be deployed based on time, duration, location, festivity, public holiday, public working day, etc.
  • Digital medium of OOH provides a canvas for top-notch creativity to advertisers looking at creating high impact ads
  • Measurability of viewership: Our OOH system is one of the very few OOH solution that provides viewership count to advertisers. Each location of LED is monitored with a camera, capturing the number of vehicles passing by each LED, providing advertisers with the true measurability on their return on ad spend

Our Presence


Our initial presence has been setup in the bustling city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the 6th largest city in India with a population of over 7 million. Ahmedabad has emerged as an important economic and industrial hub of India with Forbes ranking it third on the list of fastest growing cities in the world.

APMC Market

Mansi Junction

Shymal  Junction


Using Digital OOH as a CSR initiative

The launch of the Smart City program by the Government of India has made Road Safety and Traffic Management a national priority. As per the Companies Act 2013, Promotion of Road Safety through CSR is now covered as a CSR activity where companies looking at fulfilling their CSR obligations can now build CSR activities around promotion of Road Safety to the public. Zero-Sum can now help companies build such Road Safety promotion initiatives with the public using our Digital OOH Solution, creating very high impact social messages. Advantages that our CSR solution offers:

  • Quick and easy to deploy saving time and resources of the company. Almost immediate deployment.
  • Flexible budget. Companies can allocate whatever portion they choose to spend on this activity. Slot based pricing provides pricing / budget flexibility.
  • High Visibility to sponsoring company as all messages displayed will prominently display the company name that is sponsoring the display messages
  • Better brand recall or connect with audience as all road users will see the displayed messages and the company that is sponsoring them. This creates positive brand association for the company amongst the road users.

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Our Clients

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Crowne Plaza
Blackk Rose
Big Bazaar
94.3 MY FM
Gujarat Tourism
JK Tyre
Maruti Suzuki
Nihodo Media
NTT Communications
Orbit Exhibition Pvt Ltd
PharmaTech Expo
Traffic Police
Radio Mirchi
Tata Motors
Red FM
Be Alive Media
Dainik Bhaskar
Wellness Space
Safar E Aman
Karur Vyasa Bank
Spectra Immigration
Indian Bank