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It’s NAV India

Zero-Sum in partnership with Zenrin DataCom of Japan, has been developing and deploying the best in class in-car navigation services and applications for leading automobile manufacturers in Japan. Leveraging this technology, Zero-Sum is now building world class navigation solutions for India with unique distinctive features such as voice guidance navigation, 3D maps, Traffic information, increased Points of Interests, multi-lingual capabilities and more.

As part of this colloboration, Zero-Sum launched its first Map/Navigation solution It’s NAV for Android smartphone and tablet users in India. It’s NAV is an online Map and Navigation system for Android devices that can used immediately after download without the hassle of downloading heavy map data files. Some of the key features of It’s NAV are:

  • Easy to read maps built using map data from India’s leading Map data company, Map My India
  • Simulation mode in Navigation allows users to preview Navigation route before starting journey
  • Real car navigation system and turn-by-turn voice guidance system and route planning function that allows the app to function like an on-board in-dash car navigation system
  • Extensive Search capabilities, that provides several ways to search locations, including search based on POI(Point of Interest), Address search, category type search and search based on surrounding areas
  • Multilingual navigation interface in English and Hindi will be launched soon.
  • Route planning that shows upto 3 different routes based on user preferences such as shortest distance, fastest route, etc.
  • Address search at a house number level available in certain areas,
  • User-friendly voice guidance system that supports road merging to ensure safe driving while merging onto a highway or bigger road


  • Zoom Display while entering intersections to ensure no missed turns,
  • Map rendering in 3D.
  • Compass Direction and Speed Display
  • Supports Display for your smartphone and tablet.
  • An online Navigation system that uses the very little device memory, leaving you enough processing speed and battery usage for other tasks.
  • Updates Map information on-the-go in real time without the need for users to download heavy map files before using the application.

3D Maps

Traffic Info

Increased POI’s



It’s NAV App Demo