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Corporate Social Responsibility

Understanding the issues of our society and fulfilling the expectations of the society in line with profits earned is a responsibility that Zero-Sum aims at fulfilling as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Vision. From the several challenges that we can address in improving our society, Zero-Sum believes education and awareness is key to alleviating most issues and we have therefore taken up education as our key focus area in helping improve the quality of life in our society.

Our small but significant way  of contributing in improving our society is through Educating our Road users on Road Traffic Safety. ‘Road Safety’ is a shared responsibility and it has been our goal  to bring down the escalating rate of road traffic accidents and injuries.

Zero-Sum has been conducting regular traffic awareness campaigns across all our Digital OOH LED boards in Ahmedabad by reserving 20% ad time to convey the message of road safety to the road users. Joint traffic awareness campaigns are also being run in collaboration with  Ahmedabad Traffic Police in making aware and sensitizing road users on traffic rules and road etiquette. Zero-Sum will continue to run traffic awareness campaigns through the long term to help bring a sustainable difference in building an accident free India!