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Zero-Sum has been a pioneer in the creation and aggregation of Digital Comics. Using its patented ‘Frame’ technology to digitize, adapt and deliver comic content to a wide variety of mobile and computing devices, Zero-Sum has been recreating the magic of reading comics on a paperback onto mobile and computing devices.

coMix on-the-go is Zero-Sum’s flagship comic service that is available across OEM app stores, carrier portals, PC app stores to reaching out to the millions of comics fans worldwide. Through coMix on-the-go, publishers and independent creators can deploy their comics and make them available to their readers all over the world. Zero-Sum manages the content delivery of the comics to readers across various mobile devices including feature phones, smartphones and tablets ensuring the quality and intent of the original creator is never altered. coMix on-the-go is available on


White Label Platforms

The intense competition for customer acquisition and retention amongst carriers and OEM device manufacturers has lead to greater focus on creating services that add value, entertainment and utility to their users and also create parallel revenue streams to the carriers and OEM manufacturers. With its white-labeled comic platform, Zero-Sum has helped various carriers and OEM device manufacturers achieve this objective.
Zero-Sum’s solution for OEM can readily deploy a white-labeled comic solution of their desired branding that includes content acquisition, digitization, deployment, payment integration and reporting across multiple devices and platforms
Leading carriers and OEM’s using Zero-Sum’s comic delivery platform:

Solutions for Publishers

With the emergence of e-books and e-comics as the fastest growing readers base for publishers, Zero-Sum recognizes the need for publishers and creators to have their e-books and e-comics available to their readers through their own applications and under their own branding.
Zero-Sum can help with help publishers and creators make their own independent digital outreach to their readers. Zero-Sum’s digital comic delivery solution for publishers and creators includes, digitizing of the publishers entire content library, building comic apps for all leading mobile platforms and thereafter deployment, management and reporting of all the published comics through a unified reporting portal to the publisher.

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